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Gemelli Pizzeria recently opened, enticing Gaels with its signature dishes.
A taste of Gemelli Pizzeria
Posted: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 11:00 pm
Brianna D’Alessio
Staff Writer
One of the most coveted perks of being an Iona student is the trusty “off-campus” portion of our college meal plan, which never fails to provide us with the delicious honor of choosing from what seems to be an endless selection of culinary delights.
Nothing quite gets a Gael out of bed quicker (or earlier, for that matter) on a weekday than a proposed trip to “The Ave” for a breakfast sandwich and the largest iced coffee you could possibly order within a five-mile radius. The same seemed to be said for The Avenue’s sister-shop, The Eatery, where you could easily be tempted to lunch there by their large selection of uniquely inspired sandwiches and salads.
But when The Eatery abruptly shut its doors to renovate for an undisclosed amount of time, student’s joyous lunch outings were just as abruptly halted. And needless to say, they were not pleased.
As students passed by the restaurant each week, anxious with anticipation for its reopening, time began to take its toll, and many wondered if it would be restored at all. Thankfully, with the conclusion of the fall semester, came a message of relief to all those hopeful ears—The Eatery would once again be returning to the meal plan, only, this time, as Gemelli Pizzeria.
Much to the pleasant surprise of students, Gemelli offered a completely new vibe to that of its predecessor. And when it comes to meeting the approval of the Gaels, pizza isn’t the only thing Gemelli delivered.
In response to her views of the new joint, junior Melanie Dilascio said, “It’s really nice in here. They have great service, and the food is delicious!”
Joe Napolitano, owner of Gemelli Pizzeria, attributes this recent success to the vision that came through in the redesigning of the restaurant, which sought to appeal more towards the interests of its most frequent customers—students.
“We just really wanted to change the concept,” Napolitano said, “to keep it as a casual dining place, but make it more trendy, with a twist.”
The restaurant was called Gemelli, the Italian word for “twins,” after Napolitano’s twin sons. With a name like that, it isn’t hard to see that his family roots are something that resonate strongly with him, as they are equally reflected in his cuisine of choice for the dining establishment.
Showcasing surprising new takes on traditional appetizers such as creamy soft polenta with sausage tomato ragu and limoncello marinated wings, the italian-inspired tapas satisfy any customer’s cravings for the classics, with a kick.
While some might argue that the remainder of the menu carries close similarities to items offered at Gemmelli’s local competitors, such as their charred pizza crust “wraps,” parmesan fries and Nutella pizza, dig a little deeper, and you’ll find a fairly expansive assortment of original offerings.
The red leaf arugula chicken salad may sound average by title, but is served with a fresh citrus vinaigrette and blood orange aioli that add summer brightness to an otherwise wintery plate. The spaghetti pasta with shrimp sounds simple, yet is surprisingly full of flavor, and the pesto pizza is a classic combo not to be missed.
It may be too early to say, but based on the enthusiasm of the staff and customers alike, it is a fair bet that Gemelli Pizzeria is here to stay.
tel: 914-576-9366, 914-278-9528